Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Quilting Dusty Trails

Just like my desire (mentioned here) to have an Autumn Leaves quilt in time for autumn, I've also always thought my Dusty Trails quilt top evoked a feeling of fall. I tell a lot of details about the quilt in this post from 2017 when I was diligently working my way through a year-long UFO challenge.

As I reread those earlier posts about this quilt, I thought I'd probably make a small throw quilt, yet in actuality I have a very amply-sized full quilt. How nice. I love that it covers our bed, and  looks really good as a fall quilt!

I used a full-size batting and did not have much waste when I cut away the sides. That's satisfying, knowing I haven't wasted materials. (I do save batting pieces, and I've got an awful lot stashed away.)

Nowhere on any list I've made this week have I even considered quilting something. Yet here I have one done. Loaded it Monday night and removed it Tuesday afternoon. This is proof that I have indeed grown more comfortable with my Tin Lizzie. It ought not be such an ordeal to quilt a top! I am mastering the use of the machine; now I need to master my own inner doubts.

The binding strips are cut and ready for sewing. I may have to wait a week to actually get those done. Busy days ahead!! I've got some obligations today, girls coming to sew tomorrow, and on Friday we are taking off for a little fall foliage tour into Pennsylvania and New York.

Here are a few close up shots of Dusty Trails. I just love all those old-timey-looking fabrics. I am sure our ancestors used fabrics like these - they look like scraps taken from old dresses and shirt, don't you think?

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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