Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anyone Interested in a Charitable Project?

In between naps, I have been reading blogs (I just cannot keep my eyes open this afternoon!), and I happened across this project posted by Suzanne on At Home With the Farmer's Wife. I just love reading her blog; she shares insight with a subtle wit - just to my liking. Wish I had that knack!

Anyway, I digress. The charitable project is from Craft Hope. Their motto is "Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time."

Project 14 is asking for donations of Christmas stockings to be submitted for distributing in Joplin, Missouri, where they suffered such devastation a few months back with a tornado. Here is the website for the project. There are some requirements to consider, so be sure to read through the page before starting a stocking. The page also lists the address of where to send finished stockings.

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 Most quilters that I know are notoriously generous, and I just know that my few readers might be interested in contributing to something like this. When I think about Christmas, one very important part of the tradition is the stocking!! I have even framed the stocking that was mine all through my childhood. If it were to be lost in a tornado, why, I'd be heartsick about it! While this effort will certainly not replace cherished keepsakes, it will ease the pain of all the loss suffered by the Joplin folks.

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The deadline is September 23, so get cracking!!

I think I will make a few to send. How about you?

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