Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet Rose

Yesterday I went to Sharon's for our weekly sewing date. I got to meet the newest member of her family, Rose, a Boston terrier puppy. She's a sweet little thing.

She is learning to be trained and what is acceptable to chew and not chew. She seems very well-behaved; I think she'll be a wonderful companion for Sharon. It is apparent that grandson Reilly (you met him here) loves her. Rose sure is a tiny thing right now, but will have some size to her in adulthood.

So what did we work on? Well, Sharon finished off the piecing of her Blue Frothy. She thinks it was an awful lot of work for such a small quilt. However, it is beautiful, and will be such a cozy thing to wrap up in when cooler weather comes and she feels like snuggling in to read.

Reilly helped!

After she folded Blue Frothy and put it aside, Sharon brought out a jelly roll of beautiful Pom Pom de Paris and a pattern for making a "race" quilt. I've seen directions for this around the internet, and will most likely do one myself at some point. Well, Sharon started hers!

It looks like a lot of fun to make, and I have some random jelly rolls that I really have no plans for, so this seems like the perfect solution for using them.

I began a new project! On Sunday night, I brought out my project tub of Rounneries and a Thimbleberries pattern from about a decade ago and began cutting.

September Stars is in a Lynette Jensen book called September Morning. As seems to be my typical method, I am going to alter the pattern a bit; I will not use as many different fabrics as are called for in the pattern; instead I will use the Rouenneries and related French General fabrics already on hand. Stash reduction is what it's all about!!! And, in keeping with the title, I'd be very happy to have the quilt top done by September!

A pattern calling for this many Ohio Star blocks is going to require many, many triangles. I get rather antsy about slogging through so many, and I'm trying to change my attitude. There are a couple of bloggers who have had some good triangle advice lately. I think Ariane's tutorials are very well done. I tried to take the advice of another blogger (who I would link to if I could locate it; grrr!!)NOTE! I found her!! Bonnie at Quiltville's Quips and Snips!! I read over the weekend; she gets into a zen-like groove when doing so many triangles; I guess I got to that point yesterday. I did gobs and gobs of triangles.

I am excited most of all to be using this French General fabric. When it first came out, I was eager to accumulate a good bit of it and I did! The "right" project needed to come along, and I think this one is it! I hope I can report a fast finish!

As usual, Sharon had a spectacular lunch for us - today, a vegetable frittata was on the menu. OMG, it was delicious! And the house smelled fantastic. What a lovely day for stitching - the weather was cool and pleasant - we had the windows and patio door open - it was wonderful in every way.

Happy Quilting, Friends.  I need to get back to those triangles and finish them off.


  1. oh my goodness ... puppy --- adorable! French General --- luv it!!! Jellyroll quilt ... luv that fabric ... be sure to post her quilt when it is finished, it bet it will be beautiful!!

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous. Sharon's blue Frothy quilt is gorgeous too. Hugs Ariane

  3. Your quilt will look fabulous in the French General fabrics I think. I have loved all of their ranges so far and have a FQ bundle that I've been hoarding until just the right project came along. I think I did decide the other day what to do with them.

    The puppy is so cute, but I bet she's quite a handful. I have seen quite a few of the jelly-roll quilts around blogland too. I'm not sure how I feel about them. I've seen one or two I loved, and some I didn't. I guess that's true of all quilts though, some I like, some I don't.

  4. Yes, Monday was a gorgeous day! We took a ride to Cambridge to see my brother. Isn't it fun to sew with friends? I love it. I have made that jelly roll quilt at a retreat this past March...still isn't quilted yet though. It is fun! Don't you love anything French General? That is what I made my jelly roll quilt with...can't remember the exact line right now. Good luck with your triangles. It should be a pretty quilt!


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