Monday, August 22, 2011

I Dub Thee 'Vincent'

Vincent - it was hugely fun to make, once I finally decided on a pattern. I spent more time trying to make that decision than I did making the quilt top. I first started pondering the possibilities for the Breath of Avignon fabric on July 26. I finally cut out the quilt last Saturday, August 13. And in a week's time, this top was finished!!!!

The red border print used in the columns has a very orangy-look, but it is red, not orange. When I showed it to my mother and sister yesterday, they said it looks like a picnic quilt. Then I showed it to my grandmother, and she agreed! So, once this gets quilted, there will be some picnicking on it, no doubt.

I mentioned that coming up with a pattern for this fabric was a long process. There were a number of factors I was considering: 1) I wanted to use the border print in a strip-quilt design, 2) I wanted the pieced blocks to look really scrappy, 3) I did not want to use any other fabric than what I had on hand in the Breath of Avignon bin, 4) I wanted the piecing to be simple and fast.

The piles of books and magazines around my very cluttered sewing room tell the story of my quest.

Books and magazines leaning against the dresser at the foot of my 'Thoughtful Spot" chair.
Magazines piled on the floor near the same spot.

And a huge stack of magazines leaning on top of the bookshelf.
Yes, I looked everywhere for inspiration. I didn't know what I wanted specifically, but I think I knew I'd see it and instantly know "voila!" that's it!! Well, it didn't happen exactly like that. I'd been giving a lot of thought to this quilt from Carrie Nelson's Schnibbles Times Two book:

It's hard to see, but the name of the quilt is Scratch.
What I liked about 'Scratch" is the 4-patch block on point. The drawback was that I didn't have the yardage necessary to make setting triangles. The way I solved this was to use her directions for the corner triangles of each strip all the way down the strip, and use my variety of fabrics to increase the scrappy effect I was going for. (following that???)

I pondered very seriously making Ohio Stars on point; the drawback: too much time planning and piecing. I really wanted to piece these blocks fast; 4-patches won out over Ohio Stars. I thought, too, that I'd use different colors in the border print strips. Turns out, the only border print I had enough of was the red. Sorta' dictated that decision, right?

Backing decisions are already made. I had this fabric in my stash, and while it's not Breath of Avignon, it does have the same feel and look. I think it will do nicely.

And, I have plenty, as evidenced here by the sales tag I found tucked inside it. I bought it on sale. What a bargain!! *big grin*

Six and a half yards for under $40 - happy, happy!

There is still quite a bit of Breath of Avignon left in the bin. I am tempted to cut it all into squares and just stitch it all up. But I will hold off. There are a couple of pieces that I didn't even touch - mostly blues, so maybe an idea will present itself. No rush. It can be tucked away in the closet for future endeavors.

Now I'm wondering what I will work on next. The OSU t-shirt quilt is waiting in the wings, as is Adam's t-shirt quilt. I really ought to get those done. But, you know, there's this tub of French General fabric upstairs, and I already have a pattern selected for it, and it's on the list of goals for 2011, and I really would like to cut into it, and it's begun "talking" to me...


  1. Jayne, that quilt turned out beautifully! I absolutly love the changes that you did to the pattern!

  2. Vincent Van Synch looks beautiful. I have a serious case of book/magazine envy too after seeing your photos.


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