Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Darling Nieces

It has been ages since I've shared anything of my twin nieces. I've not seen them much this summer. They were here in early June when we had Emma's graduation party. Since then I've not seen them until last Saturday night. And then again on Wednesday. Twice in one week! On Saturday night, DH and I went to babysit while my brother and sis-in-law went to a Reds game. We had a fun evening with the little sweetie-pies.

Then on Wednesday, sis-in-law's day off, she had been given complimentary tickets to see the women's ATP(?) tennis tournament being held down at Kings Island. I went by myself to babysit that day, as DH has started school already.

Time to quit blabbing and show some pictures!

Anna Rose on Wednesday afternoon. Getting ready for a nap; holding blankie.

Mary Jean, also ready for a nap with her blankie.

From Saturday night; we played with Play-Doh. Mary Jean, left; Anna Rose, right.


  1. They are gorgeous. How old are they?

  2. I should have said in the post that they will be 4 in October. such smart little things. They will be brainiacs when they are in school, I'm sure.


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