Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Sewing Day with Sharon ~

For a while, anyway. Right after Labor Day, we both start our adjunct positions at Ohio University-Chillicothe. I teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays; she teaches on Mondays and Wednesdays. That will not be very conducive to spending a day at the sewing machine, will it? So we had our swan song today at my house; we did look ahead at the calendar to see when the quarter will be over. We've penciled in a date for starting back up at the end of November. So a hiatus is upon is, that's all. We agreed today that this has been a wonderful weekly event that has kept us moving on our projects and has seen us finish off quite a few quilt tops! Sharon has even had a few of her quilted. So, we know we must continue when our schedules will allow.

Remember last week, when Sharon took a Pom Pom de Paris jelly roll and began a "race" quilt? Well, take a look at this beauty!

After we sewed last week, she said she was so motivated to continue working on this, that she just kept right on sewing and finished the quilt center. Then, on Saturday, after our tea party (see previous post) we made a stop in Waynesville at Fabric Shack. There, she found the fabrics she wanted for her borders and backing. Her only goal today was to get this top finished!!

An unassuming shop from the outside, Fabric Shack is packed full of fabrics.
 So, Sharon is in a good place to be putting sewing and quilting on the back burner for awhile; turning her focus to OUC classes must take center stage for a bit ~ and for me, too.

I, however, have a long way to go before I can call this quilt top complete. I've got a lot of triangles to press and stitch into hourglass blocks.

I did, though, go ahead and make a block. I just couldn't help myself. What do you think??

One block of September Stars.
I am actually glad I did make an early block because I know now that my measurements are slightly larger than what the pattern says they ought to be. I cut the center square according to the directions, and it was just a smidge too small. I used it anyway, but on all the others I cut, I am planning to add a quarter of an inch to compensate.

Happy Quilting Friends!
I must be off! I've got stuff to do!


  1. I loved how Sharron's quilt turned out. And I am liking that Ohio Star block. I was talking my mom the other day I was going to make a whole quilt of red and white Ohio Stars. But like how you added the grey to this block.

  2. I love this block. The colours of the fabrics just
    are fabulous.

    Will your get-together hiatus extend to all quilting, or will you still carry on, but just on your own?

  3. o...m...g...the pom pom de paris quilt is beautiful!!!! so glad you posted the pic! Your September Stars block is very pretty ... sorta looking like a scralet and grey quilt ...would look fab in blue and gold :O)

  4. Me encantan tus trabajos, yo andaba buscando alguna idea para hacer algo nuevo.
    te felicito


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