Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

It's been hard to keep up with posting because there's just so much going on around here! Gazillions of my retired friends and acquaintances have remarked that they stay so busy that they don't know how they ever had time to work--I believe that I am coming to that realization myself!

I am definitely NOT having lazy days of summer; however, we definitely ARE having the hazy days of summer. Man-o-man has it been hot and humid! A cooling spell is forecast for later this week, and I am SO looking forward to opening up the house, listening to the birds, the breeze in the trees, the soothing trickle of the fountain outside our porch. Can you picture me lounging on my screened porch with a tall glass of iced tea and a thick, delicious book? Oh yeah, that's the life.

Okay, enough of dreaming. Let's get on with a recap of what's been happening around the Honnold household this past week.

First, we went for 2 days to Athens for Ohio University freshman orientation. Emma is about to become a Bobcat!

We learned all about the university, it's rules and expectations. Since Emma is our 3rd (and last!) child to enter college, we were pretty-much ready to deal with the idea of her leaving home, homesickness, getting involved, and all those things colleges encourage their incoming freshmen to do (or not do!). The OU campus is really beautiful. We walked around quite a bit of it, and were in several buildings. I think she will like it there.

It's located in southeastern Ohio in an elbow of the Hocking River. The campus is filled with trees and lots of green space. The buildings are classically New England-style and very stately. It's pretty - it really is!

While in Athens, I received a text message from my sister informing me that she was having 12 dozen ears of sweet corn delivered, and would I want half to freeze? YES!

So the evening we returned from orientation, we took off to her house - about 30 minutes away - and picked up our corn. That evening DH and I cut, cooked, and froze about 10 quarts of golden deliciousness...mmmm, cannot wait to enjoy this in the fall and winter months. If I can get my hands on that much more, I'd take it in a heartbeat! We definitely would  use it!

The Ross County fair started this past weekend! That's big news around these parts - this fair is "gi-normous!!" It has campground space for over 1000 RVs, and thousands of families camp for the week of the fair. For this one week, a rural area just north of Chillicothe becomes a city. And even with that many camping spaces, there's still a waiting list - a long one, so I've heard. Our family does not camp, but I could name about a dozen families in the area right around us who are there every year! It truly is an event that folks look forward to.

So my little part in the the whole scheme of things was to help enter items in the home arts department. Quilts! Yes, my friend Terry (one of the girls I quilt with every other Friday, and a fair camper) asked me last fall to assist her in the "novelty quilts" department. We took in only 26 entries (down this year), and then helped as our judge inspected all and awarded ribbons. Then we had to hang and display the entries for viewing throughout this week. I will go back on Friday for a 2-hour work session (monitoring the building to make sure no one absconds with or harms any of the valued displays), and again next Sunday afternoon when items are released back to their owners.

This past Sunday, DH and I went to see the Columbus Clippers play against the Syracuse Chiefs with good friends from church, Jim and Rosie.The Clippers are the farm team for the Cleveland Indians, and DH is a huge Tribe fan.  Actually, Rosie and I go way back - we were neighbors when we were children, and rode the same school bus. Both of us are from big families, and our dads farmed adjacent farms. I have become reacquainted with Rosie in the past few years as we wound up attending the same church. But I digress...

The tarp-covered, rain-soaked field at Huntington Park in the arena district of Columbus, OH.

Jim and Rosie
The game was delayed by 2.5 hours because of a thunderstorm and rain, but we waited it out and enjoyed a Clippers win.

Kevin and Jayne
Okay, now to quilting. Yesterday was Sewing with Sharon, at her house. We had a most delicious lunch, and why I didn't take a picture of this delectable meal is beyond me!! It would've made your mouth water, that's for darn sure!! Parmesan chicken and Caprese salad! OMG, it was wonderful. I hope Sharon understands when I plop a bag of salad on a plate and call it lunch next week - I definitely do not have the culinary skills that she has!

Here's what we worked on:

Sharon is making steady progress on her Kaffe Fassett "Blue Frothy." She added a few random pink prints into the mix, and it gives her top a much lighter, more varied look. I really like it.

I continued work on my Pastel Garden, also of KF fabrics and design.

This top is going together so fast; I honestly ought to go upstairs and finish it this afternoon. It's going to be a beauty, and I love a fast finish! What quilter doesn't??!

The lazy, hazy days of summer - baseball, sweet corn, county fairs and quilts. If this isn't quintessentially Americana, what is??


  1. Oh my -- where do I start? So many wonderful things in this post. We're on our 3rd week of delicious sweet corn. I always eat my fill, and then some, and then I don't need it again till next summer.

    I love that little touch of pink here and there to contrast with all the blue. Great idea!

    I worked at our local fair last month in the quilts, textiles, fine arts dept, also making sure no one walked off with any of the projects. I've never entered anything as an adult, but maybe I will some day. I got burned out with all my entries as a 4-H member, way back when.

    Ohio U does look like a lovely campus, stately and oozing with academia. I wish her a wonderful collegiate experience.

  2. What a busy time you've had. The uni looks wonderful with all that green and traditional buildings rather than the concrete blocks we often have here.

    The sweet corn looks delicious. It's probably my favourite veg, but DH hates even the smell of it! Can you imagine?

  3. It sounds like a lovely way to usher in August!!


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