Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blue Frothy and Yo-Yo Topper

First up, the old business:

Last Friday, I sewed with the Frankfort girls at JoAnn's house (click to read about it), but I forgot to take a picture of the project I worked on. So let me remedy that by offering up this nearly finished table topper made with my yo-yos.

In a nutshell, I will explain the story behind this project. I began making yo-yos back in 2003 on a student trip to Europe. This was what I worked on while on the plane and bus. Mindless activity. I precut a gazillion circles of scrap blues and tans, took a needle and thread. That's it. I used my nail clippers to snip threads. I repeated this on trips in 2006, 2008 and 2010. I also have taken yo-yos on a number of car trips througout this time, as well. At no time did I have any idea of what I would make with all these yo-yos.

Finally, I decided my tub was full enough, and I began stitching them together. I will finish this table topper and still have a tub full of yo-yos for yet another unplanned project.

Okay, now moving on to new business:

 Sharon came over yesterday for an abbreviated sewing day. She has a new puppy. Need I say more?

She is continuing to work on Blue Frothy. Last week's picture will look a lot like this week's picture, but be assured that she has made progress. She decided that the quilt was just going to be too small, so she made more blocks to add another row.

I am loving this quilt. It seems neither she nor I can get enough of Kaffe Fassett's blue fabrics!

Sharon also cut out the border blocks before rushing off to check on Rose, the new puppy. (I will definitely have a pic of said puppy next week after sewing at her house!)

These squares will be cut into HST to make a most clever border. Trust me on this. It is strikingly cool.

I have no new pics to share of my Breath of Avignon quilt. I decided that I needed 11 more blocks, so I spent yesterday working on those. I'm slacking, I know, on the picture-taking.

Can you tell I'm distracted and rushing to get to the end of this post? I am not explaining anything nearly fully enough. I will fill in the blanks, promise.

Well, I've been quite busy with a project I've been working on for the Greenfield Historical Society. I've not mentioned it here on the blog, but we are almost finished and I will probably soon be devoting a post or two to it.


  1. How fun to have a finish with yo-yos made over so many years. Well done! I'm sure you'll have fun deciding how to use the leftovers.

    The touch of pink makes such a nice contrast among the beautiful blue cuts of fabric. Looking forward to seeing the border.

    You're teasing us about all kinds of things to come. We'll stay tuned!

  2. You've obviously been busy, even if you've been quiet.

    Your yo-yo topper looks great.

  3. The yo-yos are sucha wonderful long term project. I love what you are doing with them!!


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