Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Long-Standing Tradition

Sewing together on Veterans' Day has become a tradition for the Frienzies. Every year we have the same discussion about when exactly we started using this day for marathon sewing. The best answer we have is 2002, based on a book that we all signed and gave to Sherrie, our hostess.

Monday, in the drizzly rain and cloudy, windy conditions, we traipsed in with our gear in tow. It was a perfect day for sewing together. A warm, cozy house filled with the best of friends --I ask you, what could be better?

Let's take a look at the variety of projects going being tackled.
Sharon worked an old UFO --  the tumbling blocks that she and her daughter
bought about 8 years ago. It's called Not Your Mother's Tumbling Block
 (or something along that line).

She sewed all day on strip after strip after strip.
They have to be done in a certain order to keep the block shape.
Pam was making a table runner using this pattern from her church's Mission Project.


Pam was using leftovers from a project she made earlier in the summer at Quilt Camp.
Linda worked on making this bag. She has some wonderfully playful fabric, too!

This is a pocket for the purse/bag shown above.

Sherrie's project. Applique.
Beautiful! I think I could get really attached to an embroidery machine.

Kay, bless her heart, worked most of the day on a Comfy Care quilt for a member of her church family who had recently fallen; she traced and cut out hands and hearts; then she appliqued them onto the fleece throw. Those Stack and Whack blocks in front there are the real project she intended to work on.

This is Susan. She and Hettie are still teaching while all the rest of us have retired.
Susan brought quarterly assessments to grade and analyze.
Hettie brought coupons to sort and organziae.
Hettie could only stay a bit, so I have no pic of her.

A mutual quilting friend, Pat, stopped in with her Stack and Whack blocks.
Oooohs and aaaaahs aplenty as she showed us one gorgeous block after another!
I worked on this pinwheel quilt with the hope of completing the entire top.
Alas, I did not. My sciatic nerve pain was just too much to bear.
So I will show that finish in the next post.
 My thanks for November 14:
I am thankful for a husband who will do household chores willingly. Since this business with the sciatic has flared up, he has done a lot of my work for me. I am ever so grateful!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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