Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

At some point during the month of October, I began thinking about November and Thanksgiving and being thankful and giving thanks. So I am going to try to post Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - it will be my personal challenge, and I shall try my best to post daily. I will have to say up front, though, that the list will in no way appear in order of importance - just totally random, the way I thought of things.

When I have regular quilt-related posts, I will go ahead with those as I normally do, and will put my thanks at the end of the post. I anticipate that there will be days when I have no quilt post prepared, so that day will just consist of a thanks.

On Tuesday, 4 of the 5 Frankfort girls met at Sheryll's for our regularly scheduled get together. Nine-noon; coffee and muffins; catching up and stitching; show and tell.

Sheryll has a real beauty to show us. I am so going to make this quilt, I do believe. It is just too wonderful.

It is made with a single cheddar yellow and a variety of reproduction navy blues. I just happen to have a fat quarter pack of reproduction navy blues up in my sewing room. It has been waiting for me to discover this quilt! *yay!*

JoAnn had a couple of smaller projects to show us.

This is a wall-hanging sampler made of reproduction fabrics. Very pretty. I am glad a gazillion hst's don't intimidate JoAnn. This looks like a bugger to me!

This pillow case matches a quilt that JoAnn made a year or so ago. She gave it to her brother, and now he will be getting shams to match. Nice.

Terry, Sheryll and JoAnn were recently at a quilt retreat sponsored by the quild they all belong to. Most of these projects were completed at this retreat. They also got some tips and goodies while there. This is one -

The Ten-Minute Block

And this is what it looks like. The square in the center is dimensional. Pretty nifty, I'd say. JoAnn said she took longer picking out her fabrics for the block than it took to make. I can relate!

I shared this picture previously - it is the project Terry was working on Monday when we were sewing at her house. While we were together on Tuesday, Terry was cutting these hst's - it seemed as if it were a never-ending job. I didn't take any pictures of her doing this, unfortunately.

My project for the morning was to remove the one block in this quilt that was turned the wrong direction.

Do you see it? It's on the left side, about halfway down, 4 rows in. It's one of the 4-patch blocks that is going the wrong way.

Got that done (removed and replaced by hand), and proceeded to have Sheryll teach me crochet basics. I was all thumbs. Not pretty, at all. She is a good teacher, but I am left handed, and (apparently) really dense! *grin*

 Take a look at this mess of a chain.

My thanks for November 1:
I am thankful for several fun, like-minded groups of quilting friends who encourage, challenge, empathize and support in so many wonderful ways.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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  1. Oh, no - one block must have jumped up and turned itself around when you weren't looking. I hate to have to rip out stitches. The quilt is fabulous! Found you on Find A Friend Friday.


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