Friday, November 30, 2012

A Phoenix Quilt

If I know my mythology correctly, the phoenix is a bird that is born from ashes, from waste. Since the 2.5" blocks in this quilt were technically just left over and piled up in a heap, I can consider the quilt something of a phoenix.

I sewed the center of the quilt together yesterday and I am just so pleased with it. The blocks are just a smidge over 6" square. I have made this  quilt top 7 blocks by 7 blocks. It  will get at least two borders, possible three.

We had a beautiful late November day yesterday, so I took it oustide to photograph. It was windy, so I don't have the very best shots, but these will do.

The setting blocks are Westminster fabric by Phillip Jacobs.

My thanks for November 30:
I am thankful for my grandmother. How many women my age (55) can say their grandma is still living? Not many. In just a couple of weeks, Grandma will turn 96. She is the original quilter, and I attribute my fondness for the craft to her influence. I am so fortunate to have benefitted from her expertise.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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  1. Beautiful quilt on a beautiful looking day! I spent some time yesterday reading your Grandma's Quilts tab and your finishes and really enjoyed my visit.


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