Monday, November 19, 2012

Old Town Fabrics Gets A New Home

Chillicothe's new fabric store, Old Town Fabrics, has outgrown its original home, and has moved to the next street over into a veritable mansion of a building. The mother-daughter team of Cindy and Kelly bought a warehouse on historic Water Street, practically gutted the entire place, and remodeled for their quilting shop. I had the chance to stop in to see their new home on Wednesday of last week.

Let me just say this -- What a Treat!!

Upon entering the front door, you are greeted with a huge expansive room. The area to the left is the Bernina showroom and if you come back this way, still on the left you will find a large classroom area.

Here is a better look at the classroom. Big tables and lots of elbow room. Students will love it! And take a look at all the inspiration hanging there on the wall! These are quilts that have been or are going to be taught.

And, still at the front door, if we look to the right, we see the checkout counter. Kelly is there inventorying new merchandise - wool! Take a look at that beautiful creation on the wall. Love it.

This view is to my right just as I'm walking into the store. There is an entire other half a building over there, and it is full of fabric. There's a worker at the cutting table.

Get a load of these hardwood floors. They are gorgeous! The fabric side of the store features a huge collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, a wide range of batiks, lots of reprodution fabrics, and more. I noticed that they carry 30's prints and solids, too.

The displays are inviting, but THE most inviting place of all is way back there in this photo (above).

How can a gal resist this cozy area?? Two wingback chairs flanking that old fireplace. The rustic color on the wall is so reminiscent of older homes. The quilts, the bed, the rug - it looks ready for a family to move in!

This corner in the front of the shop is the place to stop if you are looking for fat quarters or pre-cuts.

 Heavenly! Just the kind of stop I needed to make before heading out to a dental appointment!!

Every inch of this place is interesting - from the fabrics and precuts to the samples on display to the store's unique collection of antiques. I enjoyed my visit to Old Town Fabric Shop and their brand new store. And I did allow myself a few small purchases. *grin*

This makes Chillicothe a destination for quilters. We have our other fabric shop, Creations, this store, JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby! If a quilter wanted, she could travel out in my direction (northwest) from Chillicothe and take in Ben Franklin in Greenfield.

My thanks for November 19:
I am thankful for having grown up a country girl. I was raised on a farm and have lived my adult life in mostly rural settings. I love the slow pace of rural living.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. SNAP! I grew up on a farm and have lived nearly all my adult life in rural settings too, here in South Australia. Your fabric shops new location is magnificent!


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