Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Hand Stitching

We have been on the road a bit this week. To celebrate Thanksgiving with as much family as possible, we left on Tuesday to pick up DD#2 at OU in Athens. From there we headed north to Coshocton, DH's home town, to visit with his dad. We headed home on Wednesday and turned around on Thanksgiving Thursday to go over to Hillsboro to have dinner with all the fixings at my sister's. We also stopped by Grandma's before leaving town. Today has been very relaxed here at home. No great interest in anything at all resembling Black Friday and retail endeavors. Hopefully, tomorrow will be equally stress free.

With all that time on the road and visiting, I usually carry along some hand stitching. It's nice to be able to keep busy, and you know that stitching hands can't be eating hands, so I stay out of the goodies!

I dug through some piles in my sewing room and came across lots of leftovers from recent projects that hadn't been cleaned up. No big surprise there - I rarely clean up after ANY projects! But I decided that I could make some blocks and decide later what to do with them. Here's what I have done so far.

Just like a good turkey feast will leave lots of leftovers, so too, does a lot of quiltmaking! These were all just "parts" that needed to be pulled together - for exactly what remains to be seen, but at least I've got blocks and not piles of miscellaneous scraps.

I have a nice little stack of Kaffe Fassett 9-patches. These are all leftovers from those Great Granny squares I was making earlier in the fall. I made a whole lot of extra 2.5" squares for the express purpose of making these. I love 'em!

After finishing the Thimbleberries 9-Patch Criss Cross, I had partial 9-patches left over, so I put full blocks together, and now have these 2 lovely blocks. What will I do with them? Here's the original post, if you want to see the 9-Patch Criss Cross.

These 2 blocks are leftovers from leftovers. The first time I used this fabric was when I made this strippy quilt in the summer of 2011. Then I pulled out leftovers to make a Great Granny square. Then I made a block that caught my fancy on Pinterest.  So I guess I've delved into this wonderful Breath of Avignon fabric 4 times, now!

And just when you thought you'd seen the last of this Jacob's Ladder fabric, I up and find these renegade blocks that somehow got buried near my sewing machine. I plopped them into the stack of handwork and stitched up yet another block.  The original Jacob's Ladder post can be found here.

 I do love to do handwork, and even today while here at home, I found myself gravitating to that instead of the sewing machine. Very nice; very relaxing.

My thanks for November 23:
I am so thankful for quiet days at home with few pressing matters beyond cleaning up a turkey carcass.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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