Quilting Fun

While I love the satisfaction of finishing a quilt, it isn't the only way to have fun with quilting. Fun also comes from the great outings with girlfriends, shopping expeditions with Grandma, or just sitting in my "thoughtful spot" chair perusing magazines and books. The thrill of the next project waiting just there on the horizon...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Stars

As Halloween approached, I was thinking ahead to November. One particular spot in my house is really nice for a seasonal wall hanging. Over the years, I have acquired several, but had nothing really appropriate for that stretch between Halloween and Christmas; in other words, Thanksgiving.

I spent a few hours perusing Pinterest for Thanksgiving inspirations, but I really wasn't looking for something with a turkey or a Pilgrim on it. I ended up deciding to go with brown stars and fallish colors. Something a bit more traditional, you might say.

So what do you think?

It is just a top, at this point. I think I will take an afternoon this coming week to machine quilt it, but I was eager to get it up to see how I liked it. I do like it. The stars are 6.5-inches square and I used a pattern from my Farmer's Wife book. I had all these fabrics in my stash, so it was easy-peasy to construct.

I'm calling it November Stars.

My Thanks for November 3:
I am thankful for beautiful, sunny fall days like we had yesterday. November sunshine in Ohio can be a rare thing.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I like it. A lot.

Sand and Sunshine said...

I love it when a quilt can spring from my stash without anything being added. That doesn't happen much around here, but I have a small stash. :-)