Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blog Traffic

I have been delving into the inner workings of blogs lately. After these 3 or 4 years of blogging, I really don't know much about how they work, how people find them, where readers come from, and so on.

Now, I have said from the beginning that I mostly write this blog to keep track of what I've made and when. Having it public keeps me committed to recording progress. It has also allowed me to share with family and friends some of the quilts and other projects I've worked on.

That said, there is a page I can go to when I write a new post that records various statistics about my blog. One is a chart telling me how many views there have been. That is interesting to follow.  Another chart that I've recently taken notice of shows me the top 3 sources of traffic to my blog. That's curious. People come to my blog from other blogs. Who knew?? Let's take a look at these top 3 traffic sources.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia is a blogger whose activity is similar to mine in that she not only writes about her quilting, but includes also things going on in her life - her garden, her family, trips, meetings, all that normal, everyday stuff. I'd never come across her blog before seeing it in my stats, so when I clicked the link, I found an easy-to-read blog and an extensive list of "Blogs I Follow" at the bottom of her page. There I was! Somehow, she'd found JQR and added me to her bloglist. The traffic from her blog has put her as No. 1 in my traffic source. I will have to thank her, and start following her more closely.

Sew Many Ways is a big-time blog with many, many followers. Karen from Rhode Island is the hostess, and what a go-getter she is! She has designated certain days of the week for certain functions. I suppose when you get really big, you do something like this to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed. I don't know how I'd ever get anything done if I had as much blogging activity going on as she does.

I am not surprised to be getting traffic from her blog because I have interacted with her Friday and Sunday activities. Friday is called 'Find a Friend Friday' and Sunday is called 'Sew Darn Crafty Linky Party.' In both events, bloggers are invited to link their blogs to hers for a big show and tell party. If you want to "meet" other people out there in the blogosphere, then things like this are a good way of accomplishing that. I have stumbled upon some very interesting bloggers by participating in these Sew Many Ways activities. And apparently, since her blog is my number 2 source, others are finding me, too.

Canton Village Quilt Works is the third source for traffic to my blog. I remember when I first saw her blog, I was hoping she was in Canton, OH, so I could go to her shop for a visit sometime. Alas, she is in Canton, CT. Too far away for a road trip. Jackie is the owner of a quilting business - she quilts, sells longarm machines, has an online shop, and travels around to lots of quilt conventions and retreats as a speaker/lecturer, too. Busy gal!

A quick glance down her long bloglist, and yes! I'm there! So that explains how she is my third traffic source.

So sorry; this has been a LOT of words, and NO PICTURES!! Let me see if I can rectify the situation...

Whenever I want to look at pictures of quilts, I go to Pinterest. I've got a hefty pinboard of pretty quilts to gaze longingly at. Let me share a couple few with you.

Blue and white vintage.
From Pinterest

camille roskelley's abundance pattern  american jane fabric
From Pinterest

Blue and white beauty
From Pinterest
From Pinterest
Blue quilts - dontcha' just love 'em? I am crazy about blue quilts; just like Pinterest, you can't stop!! I said I'd share a couple, and before I knew it, I had 4 to share. Crazy addictive Pinterest, right??

My thanks for November 6:
I'm thankful to live in a country where I'm guaranteed my freedom to vote. God Bless America.

Happy Quilting, Friends!
Remember to vote today!


  1. I get to your blog through the list on Nancy, NP's blog. I enjoy both of your blogs. I like the being thankful notes on the bottom of your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pinterest....ugh!! Can't do it anymore, I spend way too much time there so NO Pinterest!! lol!!

    I'm a follower and you pop up on my blog roll...just sayin'!


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