Quilting Fun

While I love the satisfaction of finishing a quilt, it isn't the only way to have fun with quilting. Fun also comes from the great outings with girlfriends, shopping expeditions with Grandma, or just sitting in my "thoughtful spot" chair perusing magazines and books. The thrill of the next project waiting just there on the horizon...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Table Runner Progress

A couple of posts back I showed you the table runner I was making out of some orphan blocks I had. I didn't have a pattern; I was just making it up as I went along. I needed to do the math to figure out the size of the corner triangles.

Here's my table runner, again.

I was perusing some blogs Wednesday afternoon and came across a quilter who was making a very similar runner. Take a look at Quilting and Other Craft Therapy.  Deb is on a mission to finish off a lot of UFOs, and she's doing something called the 100 Day Hustle. I will have to read further, but I did like her purple table runner, and it gives me an idea as to how to approach borders, which I hadn't yet considered. So, thanks, Deb!
I also spent a bit of time laying out my Kaffe Fassett blocks. I am really anxious to sew this together.
It's not going to be a very big quilt - more of a lap quilt, I suppose. However, I could possibly add a lot of borders, so maybe it will be bigger than I think. I certainly have plenty of KF fabric to use if I do want to make some big borders! The stash is plentiful!!
My thanks for November 29:
I am thankful for regular willing communication from my kids. They are good about staying in touch, whether with a call or a text, just to say hi.
Happy Quilting, Friends!


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

You are more than welcome Jayne! I love your Kaffe Fassett blocks and your thankful "footnote", I'm going to read back in your blog to see more. I'm a Diet Pepsi borderline addict too...

QuiltSue said...

Your runner looks good, and so do the Kaffe blocks.