Friday, November 9, 2012

Just a Thought or Two

I am still trying to recover from this awful sciatic nerve pain I've been having. Have finally gotten in to see the doctor and have a handful of meds to take for the next 2 weeks. I never realized how pain can consume a person. I have a new appreciation for mobility, that's for sure. We take so much for granted with regard to our health, don't we?

Well, because of all this pain nonsense, I have not done much sewing or quilting. So I will share a few random cartoons I've saved for posts like this.

Because I have not spent my days sewing lately, this last one rings especially true!

My thanks for November 9:
I am thankful for good medical care.

Happy Quilting, Friends!



  1. Hope you feel better soon, pain is not FUN! Love the Pickles cartoon, read them every day in the funny paper and so many times it is so true. Hugs

  2. Get well soon. That sort of pain is definitely no fun at all.


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