Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Word Verification

This is a post about comments. I like getting comments, and I try to be diligent in commenting on the blogs that I read because I figure they probably like getting comments, too.

The problem is, though, the occasional spam comment that slips through. And that is why people add the "Word Verification" step on their comments.

I have waffled on this issue. I personally don't like going through the word verification process when I comment on blogs, so I totally understand how that turns away potential comments.

On the other hand, I have received some rather disgusting comments when I have turned off the verification step. That is somewhat unsettling. Those comments can give a gal the creeps!!

So I must weigh the pros against the cons. To verify or not to verify? That is the question, Macbeth.

For the time being, I am going to risk getting the unwanted spam comments, in favor of omitting the verification step. Hopefully I won't get spammed too terribly bad!

A few posts back, I listed 4 likely options I had for what to work on next. I chose to work on the t-shirt quilt. Well, I also went ahead and cut out the parts for the red, white and black quilt. I am making this pattern from Thimbleberries.

The quilt pictured is Pam's retirement quilt. I am making this same pattern using my red-white-back fabric grouping. I will have red stars. Where you see gray here (side and corner triangles) I will use black. I have a really pretty floral that I will use in the setting blocks. When I have a bit of it done, I will show you a picture.

Here's another look at my fabrics.
My thanks for November 20:
I am grateful that we are able to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Today we are off to get Emma at OU, and go on to Coshocton to visit with DH's side of the family.
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I go back and forth on the wordies too, Jayne. I SO miss the old word verifications where they were ALMOST real words crying out for definition. Your fabrics are GORGEOUS and your quilt will be, too.

  2. I don't use word verification Jane and when I get spam I just delete them and go on about my business. It's too bad that some people concentrate all their efforts on trying to make others miserable but I refuse to let them affect my attitude! :) I'll look forward to seeing your new quilt! blessings, marlene

  3. If you enable "REGISTERED USERS ONLY" for comments, the spam goes away. Since I changed my settings to Registered Users Only I have not had one bit of spam. It does stop anyone who is Anonymous but I think most Followers who wish to comment are already Registered Users anyway. Hope this helps,
    Happy Sewing!

  4. I turned off my WV when Blogger upgraded their spam police. I think the key is to not allow anonymous comments. I rarely see any spam getting through.


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