Monday, November 5, 2012

Someone Will Be Surprised

I am late with a post today because I have been stitching away to finish this quilt top! Had to get the borders attached.

It is from the book Pick Four by my friend Sue Abrey.

Surprise, QuiltSue!

My version looks vastly different from the one Sue has in her book. Instead of using the highly contrasting fabrics that she chose, I used that low contrast set of fabrics I've been fussing about since August.

The quilt is called Antique Nine Patches in Sue's book. I have had my eye on it from the very beginning, as I seem to be partial to what I call "strippy quilts."

My sciatic is still giving me fits. I sit on ice and down regular doses of Ibuprofin. Doctor's appointment is Thursday. Hope I can last that long!

My thanks for November 5:
For my dear husband of over 33 years. He's been a wonderful husband and father.  Lately, since his retiring, he has been supportive in my efforts to exercise regularly. He does amazing things in our yard and around our property. And he supports my quilting habit. :) Love you, Honey!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Oh woww, that's wonderful. It looks so different as you say, in low contrast fabrics that on a quick first glance i didn't even realise it was one of the quilts in the book. Thank you for chosing to make it.


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