Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Sunbonnet Follow-Up

This is really special. I showed you the Sunbonnet Sue quilt in yesterday's post, and today I want to show you the actual templates that Grandma used to make those darling Sues.

This is made from lined paper. Faint written instructions are visible.

Here are two cardboard hat templates, also with faintly drawn instructions and markings.
One dress template. I can't make much of the writing on it; just scribblings, I guess.
Several arms and feet; I wonder just how old some of these are?
In a different box of Grandma's treasures, I found these dresses stacked
and ready for the next Sunbonnet Sue. So colorful!
That's all for today. I will have one more installment of Sunbonnet Sue for you tomorrow.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love it, such cute dresses. So great to have those memories of your Grandmother and the actual physical items.

  2. What a treasure to have those templates from your grandmother! I grew up with Sunbonnet Sue on quilts and have such fond memories of them.

  3. So amazing and what a treasure to have!


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