Saturday, June 22, 2013

Planning for Quilt Camp

The annual quilt camp starts bright and early Monday morning, and will be at a new location this year. Since the camp's inception, we have been primarily at the high school home ec. room. We changed locales a couple of times for renovations and such, but even after most of us have retired from the high school faculty, we still managed to secure the room for our use.

This year, we might possibly be starting a new tradition. Because of some friendships with the owners of Chillicothe's newest quilt shop, Old Town Fabric Shop, we have been offered the use of their upstairs for the entire week. We are the "guinea pigs" for this space; we will test it out to see if it meets the needs of multiple quilters. I think at some point, the owners Kelly and Cindy want to rent out this space to guilds and groups like ours, so we will critique the facility and give it a test run.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn't it??

The quandary I've been facing is what exactly will I work on at quilt camp?? I have so many ideas, and intentions and plans, that I just can't decide what to pick. Too many options!!! OMG!!!

Last night, I did a bit of digging in the sewing room tubs, and I may have made a decision. In my several tubs of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, I have scraps that I've wanted to use. My current thinking is that I will create a big ol' pile of half-square triangles, and put them together in some pleasing design. There are so many options with HSTs, and they are easy-peasy. Plus, it would clean up my scrap mess - a definite bonus!

Here are some inspiration quilts that have me salivating.

This first one looks nothing like a Kaffe quilt, but I do love the way these HSTs are set together. This is from a blog called Rosewalk Cottage Quilts. The pattern is called Flock of Geese.

The next quilt is from a blog called In Color Order, and is a free pattern at I am not so sure I have the proper ratio of warm and cool colors in my Kaffe stash of scraps, but I might just be able to make it work.

I will show you a couple of pics of the chaos that is my Kaffe scrap collection.

Tub #1.

Tub #2.

A pretty selection of blues; these are leftovers from a couple of blue KF quilts in 2010 or 11.
Another selection; different sizes of squares; I have quite a stack of these!
So, I am looking for something easy and brainless. I don't think I will be concentrating on anything too tricky this year. I think I will only make it to Quilt Camp 3 days, instead of all 5. The quilting will be different with such an interrupted week, so easy is the way I think I will handle things.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Looks like another great quilt-in-the-making no matter which pattern you go with! I love reading about all of your quilting groups and goings on.

  2. Some of those fabrics look wonderful. Whatever they become when they grow up will be fantastic I'm sure.

    I hope the sciatic pain is back under control and you enjoy camp and also the artisan shop.

  3. they look great. isn't it nice to use some bright colors to perk you up once in a while>? I made a bright quilt once that hade me happy to see. hubby says "it will keep me up at night". lol


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