Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Way-Back Wednesday - 6

This week's quilt is 76 years old - not old at all, is it Mom? *winking*

I know the age of this quilt because Grandma pieced it while she was pregnant with my mother - in 1936. It is called Block O - and that is not a reference to the Ohio State Buckeyes' Block O. This quilt pattern very likely predates our Buckeyes' "O" by several years.

It is a big quilt - it is shown here on a double bed and there is ample overhang on both sides as well as there at the bottom.

One thing I really must do is see about getting this quilt cleaned. This is the border shown against a white pillow sham. Look at how soiled the quilt is - the muslin probably was never true white, but it should look a lot better than this!

And the interior of the quilt also has a few spots that need attention. Heaven only knows how old these stains are!

I think this quilt is deceiving as to just exactly where the blocks are that create those block Os. I tried to outline (first time to do this ever!) so you could see.

I switched to a black line to outline this block. Isn't that a unique block? I don't think I have seen this pattern in any other quilt - and I have looked at A LOT of quilts!

Well, there you have it - my 6th installment of Way-Back Wednesday. I am back to Quilt Camp today, so there will be lots of catching up in the next post.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Hello Jayne! It's an amazing antique quilt. So beautiful!


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