Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Frienzie Sewing

I made a lot of progress yesterday on the project I was working on. You will just have to trust me on this, as the project is something of a secret, and I can't say much more than this about it. I will give you the numbers, though: the pattern required 31 of something, and I made about 15 of them. So there.

I am good at keeping secrets. *wink*

What I can show you is more leftover loveliness from the sewing machine of Sherrie. Remember, she took all the cut-away triangles from Kaitlin's bridal quilt and made this sweet table topper.

She opted to use the lighter blues in the table topper, leaving a nice variety of darker blues available for something else. Take a look at the wonderful "something else" - made from scraps that many of us just throw in the waste basket.

Isn't this a gorgeous pillow? It is 16" square and will compliment the quilt and table topper beautifully.

And we had a special treat in the afternoon. Sharon P. could not be with us to sew because she was babysitting her grandsons, Reilly and Flynn. She stopped by with them to pick up pieces of the sewing that she could do at home.

How would you like to spend some time with these handsome boys?

Rye is a good big brother for Flynn, and seems to dote on him just a bit. I wanted so badly to get my hands on the baby, but he would have nothing to do with me. I've not been around him at all, so I was just some scary lady, I suppose. Aren't they a good-looking pair?

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Your halfway to you finish with fifteen ???? made. Cute, cute boys. Little Flynn is so lucky to have such a sweet big brother.


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