Sunday, June 23, 2013

More HST Inspiration

This post will consist of further "thought process" on what I will make while at quilt camp next week.

I have mostly decided that I am going to focus on making half-square triangles and I have been gathering inspiration from Pinterest. Here are a few more quilts that have captured my fancy, so I have many options for how my HSTs will end up being used.

A blog called Two Bees has this quilt showing up on a loop of quilt pictures. It looks like Two Bees is an online shop.

Margaret's Hope Chest offer up a stunning yet simple HST quilt called Bermuda Blues. Yes, she definitely achieved the look of water! Isn't it a looker?

I found the next picture on Pinterest, and tried to find the quilt on the website it was attributed to, but alas, I had no luck. The website is Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild, and it is fun to see all they are doing, but this quilt must be from awhile back.

Exuberant Color is a blog I have followed for quite awhile. I love that she uses so much KF fabric, and just like the title of her blog, the color is definitely exuberant! Here is an ST quilt from several years ago. She refers to it as her "happy quilt" - yes, indeed!

Red Pepper Quilts offers up this beauty, and I may have posted it on the blog before - that's how much this one appeals to me. It originated at Red Pepper Quilts, and the pic is on Flickr.

All of these are genuine possibilities for me. I guess I will make a decision at the time.

Do you find as much inspiration from Pinterest as I do? I look at quilts a lot.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. love pinterest. it is a great place to find inspiration but is very addictive! I find myself there for longer than I intended and cutting into my sewing time!
    these are all gorgeous!

  2. You know, sometimes we look around for patterns to make a quilt when just regular shapes make such great quilts. I love all of your half square triangle ideas. Have a wonderful time!

  3. I love pintrest, you can find so many ideas on there. Those HST quilts are beautiful, I have made 2 and they were so much fun.


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