Thursday, June 20, 2013

Binding a Bridal Quilt

On Monday the Frienzies worked at Sherrie's house to finish the bridal quilt for Hettie's daughter, Kaitlin. Kay sewed the border on and I brought it home with me to stitch it down. It is a whopper, so I need to "get crackin'" on it!

I worked on it a good bit last night, but still do not have the first side completely done yet. We want to give this to her at the bridal shower which is on the 30th. It will be done.

It appears I am in one of those times when real life takes over, and quilting has to simmer on the back burner. I have many irons in the fire, at present.

First, I have book club here at my house next Thursday, and have barely started the book. We are reading Night Circus, and what I have started seems captivating, but I must make haste!

Second, Frienzies are having a progressive dinner this Friday (tomorrow!) and the appetizer course is here. I know what I will be fixing, but need a grocery stop and a cleaning jag to be accomplished before then. That is all on the agenda for later today.

Third, the sciatic pain has returned, and I am off this morning for the beginning of the second round of spinal shots. I have not been immobilized like the last time; I made the call to the doctor early enough that I would not get to that point.

Throw in a multitude of other, lesser things - prepping for quilt camp, planning a day at Columbus' Parade of Homes with DH, a quilt show also in Columbus, sewing with my Frankfort group, trading cars, and an upcoming 34th wedding anniversary - geesh!! What to do first??!

Well, regardless, I know you all will be...

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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