Thursday, September 3, 2015

An Unplanned Absence

Let's begin today's post with a quiz. It's multiple choice. And just one question.

What is going on with Jayne when she fails to post a blog entry for days on end?
a. She's reading a book.
b. Her internet is out.
c. She's in a quilting funk.
d. All of the above.

If you answered 'd,' then you are correct. I left you a week ago Monday and had 4 days to read a 500+ page book - A God In Ruins by Kate Atkinson. This was our book club discussion on Friday, making this a big job to finish. I did it, too, believe it or not. I was reading in nearly every available minute.

Fortunately, I'd already taken those two work shirt quilts, shown above, to Terry, my quilter, and really didn't have anything extremely pressing to finish in the sewing room. I could read without guilt. 

On Friday, I had quilting with the Frankfort girls from 9-noon; that was followed by book club at 12:30. Terry had finished with the two work shirt quilts. I planned to bind them over the weekend.

On Saturday night, our internet went out. I made multiple calls to the service department, but it was Tuesday before a technician came to the house to fix whatever was wrong. It turned out to be a radio on the roof needing to be replaced. I swear, the service we've had lately has been anything but smooth. We are beginning to look into options and a possible change in providers.

So, I was supposed to bind those quilts over the weekend, but the funk took over, and I didn't get that done until Monday. I delivered them yesterday to Kathy, the friend who commissioned me to make these quilts. I am happy to report that she was thrilled with the results, and wants me to go ahead with a third quilt out of the remaining shirt fabric - and there's a lot. This one will be lots bigger than the lap quilts. I will try to get at least a twin quilt, and maybe even a double/full.

Sharon was over on Tuesday, and we both got a lot done. She is working on that red and white quilt that she began back in July. I returned to the 16-patch UFO that I teased you with in my previous oh-so-long-ago post. I will bring you a picture tomorrow. Promise.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Hey Jayne! I was worried about you! Guess you also have bad days too. Glad you are in one piece and sewing.

  2. I was getting worried that you were stuck under the UFO when you were trying to finish it up and quilt it up to show us......hee hee


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