Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's Show Time!

The feature of today's show is the happy coincidence that both Sharon and I finished our red and white quilt tops yesterday while sewing together. One part of a four-part idea cooked up back in May or June, has at last been realized.

We took our finished quilt tops out to the shabby bench for a photo op.

Here's mine on the guest bed. the inner (neutral) border is 2 inches; the outer border is 8 inches. The hope was to make the stars look like they are floating on the neutral background. I think it worked. Here's a close up.

This closer view look less yellow-tinted. I cannot explain this. This picture and the one above were taken about 2 seconds apart. (I should take a class in photography to understand this type of thing.)

Here are some shots of Sharon's red and white quilt.

That same yellow tint seems to have affected Sharon's quilt, too. The fabrics Sharon used is solid red and solid white - it's very pristine looking; clean and crisp. The pattern Sharon used is from a quilt magazine (McCall's, I think), and it was a whole lot more work than mine was. Just imagine staring at those red and white checkerboard blocks for extended periods of time - your eyes will bug out!

So we finished our quilt tops and began planning our next step. Remember I said that this was one of a 4-part plan? Well the other parts, were

a. use our Roman Holiday remnants
b. use our French General remnants
c. make a Christmas quilt

We decided that these red and white quilts will double for Christmas quilts, so that is off the list. After discussing, suggesting, pondering, and all other manner of brainstorming, we came up with doing Tag Sale (Carrie Nelson pattern) with our French General remnants. The remnants of my Roman Holiday fabrics are so picked over that I think I will just have to come up with really, really scrappy-looking 9" blocks, and see what I can create from them.

I may have more ideas on this as the brainstorming continues.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. They are both absolutely gorgeous quilts! Wow!

  2. love those red and white quilts, they are on my list . i have already made a blue and white

  3. Beautiful quilt! I have not tried an all red and white quilt yet, but it's on my bucket list :)

  4. I just love the look of a red and white quilt, both of these are fantastic! A must do for me. Thanks for sharing.


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