Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hexie Update

For someone who swore she would never - NEVER - get started on this English Paper Piecing craze, I sure seem to be making more hexie units than I thought I would. And, while I may be 'going over to the dark side,' I am still very much a novice at this particular craze.

This photo shows the sum total of the hexagon units I've made using this template. What I will eventually end up doing with these, I have not a clue. That seems to be not a concern at this time. I guess what IS the concern (for me, anyway) is figuring out how to make symmetrical units - units that look 'planned.'

 These two hexies show the progress I am making. The top one shows my attempt at having the stripes in the petals all going the same way. I failed at this attempt. The lower picture shows a more successful attempt - having the stripes radiate outward like a flower petal would. This suggestion was made by Jan, one of the Frankfort girls, and the queen of EPP. She has made two full-size quilts and countless smaller projects, so has all the techniques. I suppose that I will eventually learn these things, after all, practice makes perfect; I certainly seem to be content to continue practicing.

This next bit of news will come as a bit of a shock to some of you, so brace yourself. I have been cleaning the sewing room. It all started when I went upstairs with the intent of dealing with "just one tub." Six days and much lifting, sorting, moving and rearranging later, I can at last say that I am 90% done with my cleaning. I need to do a thorough dusting, and several of my surfaces still need to be tidied up. I have dealt with piles on the floor and in corners; I have emptied out a bunch of tubs of varying sizes; and I have labeled UFOs in tubs before tucking away on shelves and in cubbies.

I will bring you pictures in my next post. Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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