Saturday, September 5, 2015

Circleville Quilt Show

A nearby town, Circleville, has a very active quilt guild which has sponsored a quilt show on or near Labor Day weekend for years and years. The Good Time Quilters, as they're called, do a fantastic job for a local quilt show. A couple of the Frankfort girls are in the guild, and I wanted to show you their quilts. Tomorrow I will share the quilts of their featured master quilter, Laura Henthorne, who quilts with us at Canter's Cave and, on  occasion, at Terry's when she has sewing days. And finally, I will share some quilts from the show that struck my fancy.

But first, let's look at quilts by Sheryll and Jan, both in the group I refer to as the Frankfort girls.

Burgoyne Surrounded; Sheryll worked on this at Canter's Cave.

One of Sheryll's UFOs for the challenge.

 Jan had more than one quilt entered in the show, but this is the only one I photographed. I distinctly recall several little quilts in their raffle area. And there might have been one baby quilt that I missed. I feel bad, only getting this one. You saw this from Jan at Canter's Cave, too.

Here in my own sewing realm, I have finished the center portion of the 16-patch UFO. I thank a few of you for your border suggestions, and I think I know what I will be doing: 3 borders medium, narrow, wide. I am tempted to piece things for the border, but I would rather finish quickly and get this crossed off my list, so it is likely to be straightforward and simple.

I really like it, and am eager to get the borders attached. When it is a completed quilt top, then I can claim it on the UFO challenge. It's been a multi-year project, if I count all that time it took to stitch the 16-patch blocks by hand.

Off to Centennial Celebrations at the high school! If you want to read about the Historical Society's book on Edward Lee McClain, then click here.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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