Friday, September 4, 2015

As Promised--UFO Progress

Never have I been compared to lightning, but I do eventually get things moving -- and finished, on occasion!

Sewing with Sharon on Tuesday really helped. I did a lot of prep work on the 16-patch UFO that was supposed to have been my July project. Better late than never, as the saying goes.

What you see above is three rows put together with two rows of sashing. It's really very straightforward. I prepped all the sashing units, and it's simply a matter of methodically working my way down the quilt. I am not worrying about how the pieced blocks are arranged. I see a couple of places where the same fabric appears to touch (across the sashing), but I'm just ignoring it. In the end, I don't think I will be at all bothered. This is a scrappy UFO, and so I'm letting the pieces fall where they may, to use another saying.

I have given absolutely no thought whatsoever to borders. I will be pondering this as I proceed. It seems as though this will be a rather small quilt, so I might opt for some sizable borders--we'll see what transpires.
One of my earlier dilemmas was finding a suitable 'make do' fabric for the stars. I had hoped to use the smaller print throughout, but found that I didn't have enough. What do you think of my 'make do' choice?

Yesterday afternoon I went to Circleville for the Good Time Quilters Quilt Show. I have several pictures to share. Tomorrow.

Today marks the beginning of a 3-day celebration for the 100th birthday of our beloved McClain High School. I was deeply involved in writing the historical society book on MHS, and so even though I am a Hillsboro grad (rival school), I have come to love this beautiful, historic building.

The cornerstone was cut away yesterday, and the time capsule placed there 101 years ago was removed. The contents will be on display this weekend at the various activities. Tours of the building will be conducted; a massive dinner is being held with over 600 people being served in the school cafeteria. The re-dedication ceremony will be Sunday afternoon followed by an ice cream social. Several classes are holding their reunions in conjunction with this Centennial Celebration.

I will be helping out at the historical society table and assisting with the dinner. One of my close friends is sort of "in charge" of this dinner, and she needs all the hands she can get.

The significance of the celebration, for those who don't know, is this: our high school was a gift from a native of our town - Greenfield - after he made a fortune in the manufacturing of horse collars. The school is the crown jewel of our town, and has been in continuous use as our high school since opening its doors in September of 1915. Not only did McClain donate the school, but he also filled it with art. There are friezes on the hallway walls, paintings, statues and drawings throughout. One teacher said it was like teaching in a museum or art gallery. My DH taught there for about 25 years; I taught summer school there for about 6 years, and all 3 of our children attended and graduated from MHS.

I hadn't planned on giving you all a history lesson this morning, but there it is, anyway. I suppose I tell you all of this to let you know that I might not be getting much sewing done with all of the celebrating going on. *wink* 

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. love your scrappy quilt. the could do a black border and "finish" the stars on the ends.........more scrappy squares.........
    just a fun quilt

  2. I loved the history lesson. How fortunate you and your family are, to live in a community with such a wonderful old school building. I used to dream of teaching in an old building, one that smelled of paste and crayons, but never had the opportunity. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the quilt, the sashing is just perfect, and I notice it gives almost a 3D effect that the actual sashing goes behind the blocks. Very effective.


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