Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ready For Borders

I did indeed manage to get the center of my red and white Ohio Star quilt put together yesterday. Today Sharon is coming to sew, and I hope to attach borders while she is here.
This is a picture of two-thirds of the center. I liked constructing this in sections, as I described in the previous post. I will use this method on future quilts, I'm sure.

And, all put together, it looks fabulous on the bed. It is still a relatively small quilt; I am so glad that I went ahead and added two rows in length and two rows in width. By the time I add borders, the size will be just fine.

My plan for borders is to use the white for an inner border of about 2 inches. Then I will add a wide red outer border - maybe 6 or 8 inches.

Happy Quilting,l Friends!


  1. Love Ohio Star blocks and this layout - I don't think I've seen the stars intersect like this before but it's great. From a distance it almost looks like an oversized gingham. And of course you can't beat red and white.

  2. gorgeous Jayne. you are like the energizer bunny!

  3. This is so pretty with the fabrics you chose. You really did a great job on this!


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