Friday, September 11, 2015

One UFO Checked Off the List

I can actually check off July's UFO! On Tuesday, when Sharon was here to sew, I put borders on my 16-patch scrappy quilt! It is quite exciting to have a finish to report.

 I started this quilt at my Friday get-togethers with the Frankfort girls. Originally I was hand-piecing 9 patches. When it got to the point that I didn't have enough parts to make 9-patches of 4 matching lights and 5 matching darks, I began mixing leftovers randomly in 16-patch blocks. Before very long, I had quite a hefty stack of them, and decided it was time to move them to the quilt top stage.

I really considered a lot of options for putting these blocks together, and somewhere in the fuzzy, faded recesses of my mind, I recalled seeing a quilt that featured stars in the sashing units. I guessed at measurements, and came up with what you see here. 

I decided to add 3 borders and I love the combination I used. The inner and outer borders are Thimbleberries fabrics; the narrow center border is a Brackman-Thompson fabric - all from the stash! Hooray! This is truly a scrap quilt. All the pieced blocks were from dozens of old projects and leftovers. The sashing strips and cornerstones were stash fabrics, as well.

It feels so good to have a finish!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Great job. The blue sashing and the white stars really pull everything together. Great scrapbuster quilt and it looks so good. Congrats.

  2. What a lovely quilt ! Congrats on a beautiful finish!

  3. What a lovely quilt! Very clever to rethink the nine patches, I like this much better and the sashing is wonderful. Good job!!!!!!


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