Saturday, September 12, 2015

Next Up!

We've been watching a lot of MLB lately since the Tribe is attempting to make a run for a wild card spot in the AL Central. So my use of next up for a title is like the batter on deck, awaiting his turn at the plate. I think this one will be a home run.

Early in the summer when we were full of optimism about all that we could accomplish, Sharon and I agreed to do red and white quilts. She has been hard at work on hers. I, however, had gotten only as far as selecting the two fabrics from my stash. With the finish of the first 2 work shirt quilts and then the 16-patch scrappy quilt top, I was ready to focus on starting my red and white quilt.

I thought I had a pattern decided. I had a book pulled out with triangle papers set aside for the quilt I'd originally planned. Instead, I suddenly had this vision in my head, so I drew it up; it pleases me, so here we go. Red and white Ohio Stars that share points. It will look gorgeous.

 My fabric is from the stash, and while Sharon has been using solid red and white, I am going with prints.

The neutral is from 2007-not surprising- by Mary Koval. The red is a Minnick and Simpson from probably the same time called Independence Trail.

Now to get busy!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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