Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Long Arm Action!

Back in January, I made a goal to quilt at least 2 quilts per month on the long arm machine. In just the last weekend, I did #22 and #23, so that means I am right on target for achieving my goal. Hooray!

I loaded a special quilt for a Frienzie on Sunday afternoon, then quilted it that evening. Since I plan to write a full post on it later, I will just provide a little peek at it now.

These are all batik fabrics, as is the backing, which you can see in the upper left corner. It's definitely a bright, cheery quilt.

I bound the quilt on Monday morning, then loaded another quilt that afternoon, and then quilted it! Gosh! Two quilts in two days! What kind of animal am I?

Earlier in November, my friend Pam asked me to quilt this for her, and I decided I needed to stop procrastinating and "get'r done!" So I did. The blocks are all from her husband's Aunt Margie. They must be orphan blocks, and Pam simply sewed them together. Pam seems to think that Aunt Margie was practicing some new techniques on a few of these blocks - curves, applique, etc. So the look is really random, but for Pam and Charlie's families who knew Aunt Margie, I am sure this will be a special keepsake.


 Pam didn't need me to bind this, so it was super easy to fold it up and take it to her this afternoon. 

It feels good to have an item checked off my to-do list. 

It also feels good to know that I am on target to meet my goals of quilting 24 quilts this year.

I only have 93 more stored in my closets yet to quilt. *yikes!*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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