Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friends in Sanibel - Part 3

Today I will show you the quilts by the 4 other friends who vacationed and sewed in Sanibel. I just hope I attribute each quilt to the correct maker.
Linda had recently traveled to Australia and brought back the fabrics used in this table runner.
She also made this table runner. CORRECTION! I am told that this froggy table runner is a Kay creation, not a Linda creation. Linda did make one on Veterans' Day, and I wondered why she would want two! Ha!

This gorgeous blue quilt is made with a line of beach-related fabric. I hope you can tell that there are seashells and such in there.

 Two different quilts; variations are obvious. Both made by Maria. I'm betting granddaughters are in mind for them, wouldn't you say?

Pat is the maker of the three quilts above.  The first two were quite a bit simper and faster than the third. What fantastic variety. CORRECTION! This pink Kaffe Fassett star quilt was made by Georgia, not Pat. Sorry, girls, for getting it wrong!

Georgia finished this quilt and then made the pillow cases to accessorize. Isn't this a soothing, yet striking beach house quilt? Love it!

We are having fun in the Twin Cities. We are T-minus 3 hours until game time. The current temperature is 7 degrees. Game-time forecast is 18 with a high today of 25. Oh my.
Happy quilting friends!

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