Friday, November 21, 2014


Talk about feeling defeated.

That little hissy fit my laptop threw last week was apparently just a precursor to the whopper it threw yesterday. Oh my goodness! After I had typed for 4 hours for the historical society it proceeded to CRASH and nothing was saved.

Yeah, it was awful.

After accepting that I would have to rewrite all 4 hours of work, I had to accept that buying a new laptop was necessary. A couple of bitter pills to swallow, that's for sure. (And this post, again, comes to you via my iPhone/iPad).

But one must move on! My troubles pale in comparisons to those that others have. 

To brighten the mood, let me show you two sweet first-graders who had snow days on Monday and Tuesday.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Oh, pooey indeed. Sorry you lost half a day's work, but do stay warm and safe in all the white stuff :}

  2. It looks as though they're making the most of their snow day too.

    Sorry about the laptop, it's really the pits when that happens isn't it?

  3. Oh my!! I have started backing up my writings with a Flash drive. Even with my desktop I worry that something will crash and lose everything.

  4. Grr, computer troubles really bite, right in the pocket. And 4 hours, yikes that's painful to lose. My oh my.


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