Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Playing Catch-Up

I began the new year with optimism - don't we all - especially with regard to the UFO Challenge that I joined with the Frankfort girls. What a fantastic idea! Select 12 UFOs - one for each month. List them on paper. Then each month we draw a number out of an envelope to see which project we finish for that month. Perfect plan!

And I did it through March. January's project. February's project. March's project. All finished by month's end. Gosh, I was doing great!!

Then life got extremely crazy, and I fell off that smooth-sailing wagon with a THUD!

And I couldn't seem to get myself back on it! I had the best of intentions, but then an opportunity to do some other things always came along and before I  knew it, I was knee-deep in everything but finishing UFOs.

Well, yesterday Sharon came over to sew for the day, and by gosh, I whipped out a UFO and now have it ready to go to the quilter! Yay!

DS graduated from high school in 2001. While he was in college, I put together this quilt of all his running t-shirts. I was so proud of it! Then I got to borders, and I was short on fabric, and I had these little bits from breast pockets and decals on sleeves, and things that I wanted to include, but I just didn't know how. Well, I've made a few t-shirt quilts in the intervening years; the dilemmas no longer stymy me. I spent the whole day on it, and I "got 'er done," to paraphrase a popular country comedian. It'll be sent out to be quilted by week's end.

DS will finally get his t-shirt quilt - as a Christmas gift. We won't dwell on the fact that it's 13 years late, now will we?? You won't tell him, right? There's no chance he will ever read this blog, so I feel pretty safe that I'm not divulging the secret!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. love this. I am chicken to try....I have brother in laws tees (he is now deceased) and I wanted to make one for my hubs


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