Monday, November 10, 2014

Sorting Out the UFOs

The plethora of projects you see above are the remaining UFOs on the list for 2014. I am still holding out hope that I can get these finished before the end of the year. Yowza - how will I ever do it??

The first step was to pull all of them out and do some assessing. Several are super-easy; just making already completed blocks into pillows. They will be finished quickly and be crossed off the list in short order. I left myself a bit of wiggle room on these - my list says "2, maybe 3" Christmas pillows. Either way, I can finish them fast.

One quilt top needs to be quilted and bound  - it's only a Schnibbles; not a full-size quilt, thankfully. I will attempt machine quilting it. I can't take on another hand-quilting project at this time.

One quilt top needs to be finished. It is full-sized, and it's hand-pieced. I used templates when making it, and I need to find those templates in order to finish. Or, I will have to trace new ones.

You may see a Kaffe project in there. That's a Tumbler quilt - remember when that was sorta' the rage? I bought the ruler and went great guns at making them. I did 2 sizes, too. My UFO goal is to finish the smaller of the two, and get it to the finished quilt top; it won't get quilted just yet.

One project is really not a UFO in the strictest sense. I have a panel called Flag Day Farm by Minick and Simpson; it's about 6 years old - maybe more. I want to use it, so I put it on the list. I have some precuts of another Minick and Simpson fabric, and I will use them to make a "round robin" quilt. I'm thinking stars, 9-patches, churn dashes and sawtooth triangles would look nice circling the center panel. I will be making this up as I go.

Finally, hanging over the back of the chair is a UFO that I am fixing. I put 2 borders on a small throw and they look pretty bad - too wavy. I was rushing and didn't do a careful measure; it resulted in a less-than-stellar finish. I knew I wouldn't be happy with it, so I put it on the list to force myself to fix it.

That should add up to 7 items. I will give you more up-close pictures of them as I work on them in the coming days and weeks.

The family reunion yesterday was lots of fun. I am from a large family! There are 23 first cousins on my dad's side. Nearly every single one is married and has children. Many of the children are married and have children. Multiplying aplenty! We had a nice time visiting with those who were present.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Hi Jayne! Large families bring happiness and... a break to quilting! Good luck with your UFOs!

  2. Lots of great projects on the go and it sounds like you have made some progress on them throughout the year. It also sounds like you have a plan for finishing up most of them, so I wouldn't sweat it. Great idea to pull them all out and confirm what's left to do on them - that should help move a few of them along.

  3. family reunions are so much fun. we used to have them every two years and then it petered out. there is talk of another and I am excited. your projects look like fun. isnt it fun to reunite with old projects?


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