Saturday, November 1, 2014


Yes, I've been Sewing With Friends, again. What relaxation it is to sit around a cozy kitchen with like-minded friends and stitch to our heart's content. I so enjoy the time I spend with these special ladies.

As I said in the previous post, we were at Sharon O.'s yesterday. In addition to that fantastic table cloth, this pretty burlap wreath adorned the wall above the table. Sharon will be able to use this until she puts up her Christmas decorations. Now let me show you the variety of handwork we had before us.

JoAnn worked on finishing a small wool applique. JoAnn says she thinks she will make more effort in the coming year to add applique to her work. She spoke specifically of adding applique to the border of a quilt top she recently finished.

Terry brought out a project that she'd worked on awhile back. These hexies are so, so tiny. I tried making a couple, and it is really challenging to make such small pieces. The project is really striking, navy, cheddar and gray. I will be sure to bring you the finish on this one because it will look great.

Sharon worked on two projects. First, she too was doing English paper-piecing. Later, as we were finishing, she had a cross-stitch project out. She is the queen of hand stitching, so it doesn't surprise me that she has so many fine, detailed projects going at once.

And, yes, I am still trying to get this Cheddar and Crackers doll quilt finished. It's close; so close, in fact, that I think it will be my top priority this weekend. Our time change goes back to Eastern Standard Time, so with that extra hour I will have, I am going to finish this UFO. That will be a big deal for me.

Sheryll was unable to be with us this time; she was spending a girls' weekend with her mother and sisters in Amish country. Hope the weather hasn't been too awful for them. Brrr!

Today was to end the book giveaway. I hope to have information on a winner soon. Last I checked we had around 30 entries, so your odds are good if you entered.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I love the tablecloth and the wreath. Handwork is just perfect to have on the go to take to friends get-togethers - so why have I never got anything ready myself for such occasions?


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