Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tidying Up

We made it home from the Twin Cities - all 15 hours on the road. Whew, what a trip. The weather got a little dicey about 5 hours into the trip, and that made driving a bit more stressful. But the Buckeyes won, and we had so much fun. The temperature at halftime was 19 degrees, and we had snow flurries the entire game. Gracious, we were cold! But you know, I'd do it again without any reservation - we had that much fun. This picture from the post-victory celebration with the fans shows the snow showers.

I have looked at the blog, and have tried to clean it up a bit. Posting from an iPhone isn't the neatest way of doing things, is it? Things are behaving better from the laptop - especially the oversized pictures.

While I did get my laptop back on Monday as scheduled, I have had to re-install some programs that has slowed me down in the business of blog-posting. I think I have things back the way I want them, and can proceed without delay.

The early arrival of winter has made for some very scenic surroundings at our house. Since I have no new sewing pictures to share, I can at least invite you over to my little corner of the universe to take in the scenery. Do you like sunrise pictures?

This was taken Tuesday from one of our bedroom windows. Isn't it lovely?

Here are some snow pictures from Monday.

 Isn't it magical?? Those four pictures pan from right to left from just outside our front door. Looks like black and white photography, doesn't it? It's not; these are unedited photos; it's just the conditions. We got about 4 inches of snow, and I am so glad we arrived home before it began accumulating.

I stitched four 16-patch blocks on the trip - one on the way there and three on the way home. I had more daylight on the way home, so I accomplished more. I will get them pressed and show them to you tomorrow. I am also working on another UFO from the challenge list, and I will try to get some pics of that as well.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I'm glad you had a good trip, but how do you feel about seeing all that snow so early in the winter?

  2. Beautiful photos of your winter wonderland. I've never actually been in a setting like that. Snow is so rare in Australia, only falling in the mountains on the East Coast. Glad you got home before the snow hit.


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