Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Goal for the New Year

I do love setting goals for myself, and I have come up with one that will make me supremely happy when the next new year is here.

I have dozens of quilt tops folded over hangers in my sewing room closet. I am not exaggerating - dozens. Some of them I will very likely sell, but others I really love and want to keep.

My thinking: why on earth am I keeping them hidden in the closet when if I'd just bite the bullet and get them quilted, I could be enjoying them?!?! Why, indeed.

So I am going to select 12 quilts from the closet and get one quilted each month of 2016. I have already selected January's quilt - Vincent. So named because the bright intense colors remind me of Van Gogh's paintings.

I made this quilt top in August of 2011 using a Moda fabric line by American Jane called Breath of Avignon. It was a truly fun quilt to make, and I think it's vivid brightness will be a nice beacon to offset the gray winter month of January.

January is here and the goal is established. Let's see what kind of fun this will be.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Great goal, Jayne! Your January quilt sure does brighten up the dreary days of late. Looking forward to seeing the quilt you choose to have quilted each month.

  2. In 2015; my husband passed away in Jan. and I couldn't think of a new quilt I wanted to work on or even get sewing. So, I went through my stack of flimsies and picked 12 to donate for our guild's comfort quilts. I am the chairperson for comfort quilts. So the designated quilts were quilted by guild members and I delivered them to our designated services. Just going through all my 75 unquilted quilts, feeling them, seeing them, and getting a good number quilted over 2015 restored my interest in making new quilts; after all,the fabric was waiting. The act of giving a number to our designated services, where I know the people I deliver them to, did a lot to restore my compassion for others and helped restore my own interest in stitching again. Glad you found a way to get going on finishing quilts, and the one you started with is an absolute star. Stephani in N. TX (

  3. Oh, spookey dookey Jayne 🙂. One of my goals for this year is to clear the collection of pieced tops and make them into quits. I even have a blog post half written, but intend to 'shame myself' by taking photos of the entire backlog.

    I did this back in 2006 and I do remember how wonderful it subsequently was to go into my studio and not have a feeling of "you really ought to get on and. . . . " hanging over me.

    Good luck to us both, look forward to seeing how you get on :-}

  4. I'm sure that working on this colorful top will be fun. Good choice for January. I'm looking forward to seeing what color you will choose for the thread. :-)


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