Sunday, January 24, 2016

Amie's Postage Stamp Quilt - Grande Finale

Faithful readers of this blog will most certainly remember the wonderfully uplifting story of Amie's Postage Stamp Quilt. I first introduced it here. It is fun to read about the quilt in its infancy - way back in April of 2010.

Then, I brought you updates. In August of 2011, Amie had completed 15 blocks. In August of 2013, she was over halfway finished with 33 blocks completed. Then the big incredible story came in April 2015: Amie's avalanche of donated fabric from quilters all over the country. Finally, Amie shared her finished quilt top in July of 2015. So, with all that steady work over the course of 5 or so years, we now can see the grand finish!

This picture shows the massive label turned back on the quilt. Look at that backing fabric! Stamps! What a perfectly fun, playful choice. And notice that black binding - doesn't it look great? Amie had this to say about the label:

"I have really struggled with the label.  There were just so many names to include and then I wasn't sure how to attach it once it was finished.  I am a little iffy with labels.  I hate just writing on the back but I also hate having to stitch something down. More times than not my quilts go unlabeled.  So anyway, in the past I have used the computer fabric sheets you can buy so I got a package of those.  Over the course of a day or two I worked on typing up something that looked pleasing.  Then I got the names typed and double checked those. Printed it out but then still needed to decide how to attach it.  I have noticed when using those sheets before over time with washing they tend to fade.  I am not one of those quilters that makes quilts to look at.  Mine are used and washed!  Over the weekend I had a brainstorm.  Make the label like a pillow with no stuffing and then add buttonholes so it can be removed when the quilt is washed -viola!  You can hardly notice four little thread tacks on the front of my quilt where I attached the buttons. I am quite pleased with it." 

Here is a closer look; if you know you are looking for buttons, you can see them. Without knowing, though, you would likely be none the wiser.

 In addition to finishing this magnificent quilt, Amie has also finished scrapbooking about this amazing effort - it took 2 scrapbooks!

Here's what Amie said about her scrapbooks: "I also completed my scrap books.  It took two of them.  What a keepsake! ...  I ended up with 160 packages from 135 people in 37 states.  I was most excited to get the one package from Alaska.  I still wish I would have gotten something from out of the US."  

Amie has washed her quilt using 2 color-catchers. She knew laundering the quilt was necessary since it spent much time on floors being laid out, and since so many fabrics came from so many places; she reports that the color-catchers came out pretty dark. Good thinking on her part; I doubt I would have thought of that.

This quilt saga is complete. Isn't it a satisfying story? I still marvel at the generosity of those donors, as well as Amie's determination to finish all aspects of this endeavor- from quilt to label to scrapbooks. Wow. What a great story for Amie to share with her friends and family, and for them to share across the generations. And thank you, dear Amie, for allowing me share it here!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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