Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Summer Beach Class

On a frigid, snowy day with temperatures plummeting to zero, Claudia, Denise and I met for some summer fun. Denise found this pattern on Craftsy - for free - and wanted help making it. We made great progress.

Denise came with her strips already sewn together, so her progress was most impressive.

After sewing the strips together then cutting on the 45-degree angle of the ruler, you end up with blocks that look like the two shown above.

When you have the squares completed, the fun of putting the larger blocks together begins. Denise has selected some gorgeous vibrant fabrics and paired them with white-on-white for a spectacular look.

The resulting quilt is going to be beautiful, for sure.

Claudia had a bag of pink scraps that she wanted to use. Before she could begin sewing, she had to square up the scraps and cut her strips. This set her back a bit, but she did get one block put together and feels confident at using her ruler and the 45-degree line.

I did a bit, too, but have no pictures to share. I am hoping to get back to work on it as we approach the end of this week. Denise and Claudia both have promised to send me pictures of the progress they make on this as they work at home.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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