Monday, January 18, 2016

More Pincushion Stars

In between football games yesterday, I did manage to complete 6 more stars for the little quilt I am making called Pincushion Stars. A picture of the pattern is shown in this post.

Even after completing 19 of these stars, I am still coming up with some really wonky little blocks. That first one, for example, has some seriously unmatched intersections. You also have probably noticed that I am "making do" with the fabrics. When I am out of one background, I just substitute in another one. It is my hope that the end result when they are all sewn together is one that looks just right. None of these have been trimmed, so they will get a nice clean-up before they are stitched to one another.

This star and one or two others as well has a point that is way smaller than the rest - or is it that one point is way bigger?? Regardless, I sure am trying to be consistent and accurate, but these oddities continue to occur.

This is a stack of all 19 completed stars. I like this one with the mustard yellow center and blue points. And do you see the starch residue? These stars are as stiff as cardboard - I've really been dousing them with starch.

And I suppose you also see the little 4-patch doll quilt in the background?? *smile*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. With all the different motifs and colors, the "imperfections" won't show that much, in my opinion. Even more so because the blocks are so small.


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