Saturday, January 16, 2016

First Finish of 2016

The first half of the month of January is gone, and as I look at my productivity, it has been largely MIA. This fact was niggling at me yesterday, so I just marched myself right upstairs and got busy.

Back in November, I made this quilt top on a whim after seeing a pin on Pinterest. You can read about it here. Finishing it was not on my immediate to-do list, but knowing it would be fast and easy to complete, I just charged ahead and did it. Nice! A great feeling to have a quick finish for 2016.

Because one can never get too many views of a pretty quilt, regardless of its size, above are two more shots of this little doll quilt. I like the mustard yellow binding that I selected, and I made it super narrow so as not to overpower the little quilt. All in all, I am quite pleased with my sweet little quilt.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


Cynthia Woodham said...

What a beautiful quilt. Sometime you just need a quick finish is just what you need. Love your quilting.

Nancy said...

Jayne, I chuckled when I saw this post. Your quilt and my first finish of 2016 look so similar -- except for the differences, of course. Both are 4-patch blocks with alternate plain blocks. Yours is adorable with the pink squares. Isn't it fun to finish a quilt quickly at the beginning of the year? It's a first for me.
Nancy. (ndmessier @,

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Your little quilt has a lot of charm with its flowery pink fabric, framed by black. And the contrasting mustard yellow. Pinterest is certainly a great source of inspiration.
I like how you quilted it. The lines don't take the show away from your fabric mix. Isn't it amazing that we can remember how we used each particular fabric before?