Thursday, January 14, 2016

Needed Repairs

A couple days ago I got a call from Devin, asking me to repair a quilt. Now, this is not some ordinary, generic quilt; this quilt is a special one, and you have seen it here already.

Back in 2012, Sharon and I made a flannel comfort quilt for our former student and avid book lover, Alexis, as she was battling a very aggressive cancer. If you click here, you can read about our planning the quilt. And you can click here to read a post about our making it. This post is the one about Alexis's passing. Sharon and I both had a special relationship with Alexis when she was a high school student, as she was instrumental in helping us start a Literary Club at CHS. She and a handful of other students were faithful participants in our little club between 2005-2009. She was always so eager to read new things, and share her love of reading with us and with fellow students.

Devin tells me that since Alexis's death, his wife Heather uses the quilt every day. Oh how happy that makes me!! A mother's gotta' have some comfort, too! And if it needs a bit of mending, then I am happy to do it. After being so lovingly used and laundered, the binding stitches have begun to come undone. Since the quilt gets a lot of use, I think I will repair by machine, rather than by hand, so that there will be more sturdiness all around.

I will have this back in Heather's arms by Saturday - DH and Devin have a breakfast date, and this will be going along for delivery.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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