Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Claudia's Growing Confidence

It's just wonderful to see the progress a person can make when she is committed to learning a new skill. I have mentioned before how much of a novice my student Claudia was when we first met nearly a year ago for quilting classes. In the months since, she has continued to take lessons and she has purchased a great new sewing machine. She has become familiar with terminology, with internet shopping, with gadgets and gizmos. All because she has been determined to learn quilting.

I frequently get emails from her in which she shares a new finish. Each time she sounds so proud and more confident. I just love seeing how she has taken to her new hobby.

Claudia sent this picture a couple of days ago. She told me way back when we first began working together that she had attempted small projects such as potholders and became frustrated with such things as binding. From the looks of these two examples, I would say she is getting her techniques down just fine.

In her email she explains that she began these just after our first class last March and has just now finished them. She said that her pattern called for an apple and a pear, but she opted to go with a sheep and a duck since her dog business involves herding sheep and ducks. She says she will make more with other changes like using diagonal figures, bigger sheep and switching colors.

As we get more comfortable with sewing, we tend to experiment more. And the more we experiment, the more confident we become. It's a wonderful cycle. Once you are caught up in the cycle, it is hard to break away.

And, I ask you, who would want to?

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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