Thursday, January 28, 2016

Class In Session

Claudia and Denise were here on Tuesday for sewing/quilting lessons. I can't really classify all that we do as quilting; in the long run, I suppose mostly these are sewing classes. Anyway, the plan was for me to surprise them with the project for the day. I contacted them ahead of time to tell them to bring two matching fat quarters for a little bag. Since the project was fast, bring additional varieties so a second and even a third could be made, if desired.

My plan was to make the little Snappy Bag. I made one several months ago and shared it here. Since I'd given it away, I needed a new one to use for demonstration purposes. And here it is.

Just like the first one, I added machine quilting - a 1" diagonal grid. It takes a bit of extra time, but I just like doing it. It probably doubles the time it takes to make the bag, but it's already so fast, that this seemed negligible. Plus it would show an option for Denise and Claudia, should they want to do it.

After making the first one so fast, I decided that I would make a sleeve for my iPad mini. They might want to change up the sizes, and I had the necessary hardware and batting. Here is my larger snap bag.

This time, my machine quilting was just vertical lines, measured against the edge of my walking foot. I really like the addition of quilting, but this definitely added time to process.

There is a significant difference between the two bags with regard to the closure. Each one uses a metal tape measure (like carpenters use). The small bag uses metal that is just a half inch wide. It is very pliable and works well on the small bag. For the larger bag, I used a tape measure that was nearly an inch wide. It is quite a lot sturdier, and for a device such as an iPad, I wanted to be sure it wasn't going to slide out. This wider closure is definitely strong enough to protect the device.

Now let's see the results of Claudia and Denise's day. I think they should be quite proud of their efforts.

Claudia's First Snappy Bag
Denise's First Snappy Bag

Snappy Bag Parade
After the ladies were comfortable with their process, and happy with their results, they both set out to make a second bag. Claudia wanted one just a bit larger than the original to meet some needs for traveling. Denise decided to make a larger bag for carrying sewing/quilting tools such as scissors and rotary cutters.

Claudia's Bags, a matching travel set
Denise's Sewing Supply Bag
Pine Tree Parade - Paper Pieced Coasters
When all the Snappy Bags were completed, we had some time to spare. I'd anticipated this, and had a suggestion that they were happy to take. Both had heard of paper piecing, and Denise had actually done it once, years ago. I had about a dozen copies of a small pine tree pattern and a variety of green, neutral and brown. We went to work, building our trees, and got a basic grasp of the concept of foundation piecing. It's sort of remarkable that we all began with the same pattern - just look at the variety in our finishes.

So a sewing class day was completed, and I think the enthusiastic students left with satisfaction. One additional thing I offered: Frienzie Kay is in the process of moving. She is weeding out her sewing room and had a giant laundry basket full of books, patterns, fabric, BOMs and more. Kay offered this stuff for them and both Claudia and Denise were pleased to find things they definitely thought they would use. Free stuff! What's not to like about that??

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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