Monday, January 11, 2016

Makin' A List

Seems as though I should have a list pretty well defined by the 11th of January - especially if the list is the goals list for the new year - but I am still considering options, and have a few decisions to make.

Here is what I am pretty sure I will do this year:
1. Wedding quilt for niece's wedding coming up in June.
2. Son-in-law quilt - still considering possibilities.
3. Tag Sale.
4. Swoon.
5. Churn Dash. Monkey Wrench. Hole in the Barn Door. (Choose one; they're all similar.)
6. Select UFOs that didn't quite get finished in 2015.

Fabrics I have a strong desire to work with:

1. Roman Holiday Remnants
2. French General Remnants
3. Pom Pom de Paris FQ Pack
4. Red, Red, Red - my tub of red fabric is overflowing
5. Blue, Blue, Blue - see #4
6. Precuts - my gosh, look at how many I have:

Charm Packs
Jelly Rolls

Options. A quilter needs options, I suppose. I will firm up my plans by month's end, and get busy with the cuttin', stitchin', and creatin'.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Lots of beautiful possibilities. Better to have too many instead of none... :-)

  2. cant wait to see what you do first.
    as for the precuts, you are a "lightweight" in my hubbys eyes. I will have to live to 300 to use all mine LOL


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