Friday, January 22, 2016

Park Avenue/Summer Breeze

I pulled out an old jelly roll by 3 Sisters/Moda called Park Avenue a couple of weeks ago to "play" with when Claudia and Denise were here for sewing instruction. You may recall that Denise had found a free pattern on Craftsy called "Summer Breeze" and while she followed the suggestions on the pattern to use a jelly roll of color along with a jelly roll of white/light, I did not. It was my hope that the lights in the jelly roll would suffice. (Plus I didn't have a white/light jelly roll in my stash!) If that brief explanation confuses you all to heck, then click here for the post.

I finally got back to working on my squares when we sewed at Terry's on Tuesday. I like the look I am getting (who wouldn't like anything with 3 Sisters fabrics??).

 This picture shows all the blocks I've finished laid out together. There are also 2 that are pinned. This is about the extent of what I am going to get from this jelly roll. The remaining strips are too neutral to work as either a dark or a light, so I am going to finish this as a lap quilt. I do see a couple of things I will change around in the pinned blocks. It is evident that the secondary design made by the light strips is interrupted in a couple of spots. That should be an easy fix.

This zoomed in shot shows the bottom right block (pinned) needed some readjusting.

So I shall fiddle with some spots here and there to see if I can come up with a layout that pleases me. I will then need to search the stash for acceptable borders. Fun! Fun!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. loving your quilt. hmmmm now where is my jelly roll? lOL

  2. Your quilt is looking fabulous. It's funny because I've been looking for a jelly roll quilt to make as I have a William Morris/ Barbara Brackman Moda jelly roll that I bought. I've never used a jelly roll before but I really like this pattern. I don't think there are too many lights but I think I'll just go with it and see how it turns out any way! X

  3. I love precuts. Mostly I like buying them since I have more than I'll probably ever use! Your quilt is going to turn out beautiful.


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